JP Cartailler

Greetings! This is my resumé.

I have 10+ years of professional experience in domains that intersect basic science research, software and database development, data mining and analysis, business process management, marketing and writing, as well as extensive computer graphics experience.

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2004 - Present

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Director of Informatics

After my career start at Vanderbilt as a postdoctoral fellow, I have transitioned into the exciting field of research informatics. I have applied my quantitative and creative skills to solve technical, managerial and leadership challenges.

My recent projects at Vanderbilt include overseeing the informatics and bioinformatics efforts of the Beta Cell Biology Consortium (a model and highly successful NIDDK-sponsored research activity), Labnodes (a Vanderbilt basic science research network), and the pilot phase of dkCOIN (a multi-consortium metadata loosely-federated web service platform).

2004 - present

Symmation LLC

Founder & Principal

Symmation is a small studio that interests arts and sciences, in a way that provides convincing story-telling of complex and exciting scientific and medical advances. Think data processing and analysis, illustration and static media development, interactive web media, video and animation.

2004 - present


Founder & Principal

SKOOGE, as part of the Symmation network, specializes in web and consumer media development (print and web). From corporate logos to spreads and brochures, from small websites to large database-driven web applications, SKOOGE can cooperatively help clients reach their goals.

2003 - 2004

M. Sundaramoorthy Lab, VUMC

Post-doctoral Fellow

I spent a year in the laboratory of Dr. Munirathinam Sundaramoorthy at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, working on a small-scale structural genomics foray into sialic acid synthases and collaborated with Dr. Billy Hudson on the NC1 domain of Type IV Collagen.

1999 - present

Research Resource: dkCOIN, the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) Consortium Interconnectivity Network: A Pilot Program to Aggregate Research Resources Generated by Multiple Research Consortia. McKenna NJ, Howard CL, Aufiero M, Easton-Marks J, Steffen DL, Becnel LB, Magnuson MA, McIndoe RA, Cartailler JP (2012) Mol Endocrinol · 22734043 (PubMed)

A role for collagen IV cross-links in conferring immune privilege to the Goodpasture autoantigen: structural basis for the crypticity of B cell epitopes. Vanacore RM, Ham AJ, Cartailler JP, Sundaramoorthy M, Todd P, Pedchenko V, Sado Y, Borza DB, Hudson BG (2008) J Biol Chem 283(33): 22737-48 · 18499662 (PubMed) · PMC2504875 (PubMed Central)

Molecular recognition in the assembly of collagens: terminal noncollagenous domains are key recognition modules in the formation of triple helical protomers. Khoshnoodi J, Cartailler JP, Alvares K, Veis A, Hudson BG (2006) J Biol Chem 281(50): 38117-21 · 17082192 (PubMed)

Mechanism of chain selection in the assembly of collagen IV: a prominent role for the alpha2 chain. Khoshnoodi J, Sigmundsson K, Cartailler JP, Bondar O, Sundaramoorthy M, Hudson BG (2006) J Biol Chem 281(9): 6058-69 · 16373348 (PubMed)

Structural and functional characterization of pi bulges and other short intrahelical deformations. Cartailler JP, Luecke H (2004) Structure 12(1): 133-44 · 14725773 (PubMed)

X-ray crystallographic analysis of lipid-protein interactions in the bacteriorhodopsin purple membrane. Cartailler JP, Luecke H (2003) Annu Rev Biophys Biomol Struct : 285-310 · 12598369 (PubMed)

Coupling photoisomerization of retinal to directional transport in bacteriorhodopsin. Luecke H, Schobert B, Cartailler JP, Richter HT, Rosengarth A, Needleman R, Lanyi JK (2000) J Mol Biol 300(5): 1237-55 · 10903866 (PubMed)

Annexins V and XII insert into bilayers at mildly acidic pH and form ion channels. Isas JM, Cartailler JP, Sokolov Y, Patel DR, Langen R, Luecke H, Hall JE, Haigler HT (2000) Biochemistry 39(11): 3015-22 · 10715122 (PubMed)

Annexin XII E105K crystal structure: identification of a pH-dependent switch for mutant hexamerization. Cartailler JP, Haigler HT, Luecke H (2000) Biochemistry 39(10): 2475-83 · 10704197 (PubMed)

Structural changes in bacteriorhodopsin during ion transport at 2 angstrom resolution. Luecke H, Schobert B, Richter HT, Cartailler JP, Lanyi JK (1999) Science 286(5438): 255-61 · 10514362 (PubMed)

1997 - 2003

University of California, Irvine

Doctor of Philosophy

After rotations with Dr. Harry Haigler, Frances Jurnak, and Hartmut Luecke, I committed to focus my graduate work on the structural studies of membrane proteins under the supervision of Dr. Luecke in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. My dissertation ultimately consisted of X-ray crystallographic studies performed on Annexin XII, bacteriorhodopsin and structural bioinformatics development to identify and characterize π-bulges.

1993 - 1997

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Bachelors of Science

I attended Cook College at Rutgers and specialized in biotechnology and biophysics, eventually leading to a Bachelor of Science with High Honors. I also started performing research in the labs of Drs. Claudio Pikielny and Bradley Hillman.

1990 - 1993

International School of Geneva (Ecolint)

Geneva, Switzerland

I attended La Grande Boissière from 11-13th grades and obtained my International Baccalaureate.